Nadine de Valle




— For a Brief but Blissful Respite —

The Bay Street Lunch Break (1 hr.) — 450

Deliberate exploration —


A Brief Encounter (1.5 hrs.) — 700  

— and tenderness.


Paradise Found (2 hrs.) — 900

Your grin, the only incriminating evidence.


— For a Glimpse Behind the Curtain —

Dine & Dash (4 hrs.) — 1,700

Let’s share our stories over a bottle of wine and an incredible meal, slowly building anticipation with yearning glances and teasing grazes. How long do you think we can last before we have to make our getaway?

Room for a Nightcap (6 hrs.)2,400

Pursue adventure and carnal pleasure alongside your favourite hedonistic playmate. The antidote to a hectic work week.

The Tourist Trap (8 hrs.) — 3,000

Throw caution to the wind, and spend an unforgettable day with an attentive friend and adventurous sidekick. Take your pick: a day filled with urban exploration, cultural appreciation, or limitless indulgence. Let's be kids again.


— Spend the Night —


An Overnight Success (15 hrs.) 3,500

The proper ending to a perfect date? Falling asleep in each other's arms. In the morning: crumpled sheets, breakfast-in-bed, and farewell coffee kisses.


The Great Escape (24 hrs.) — 5,000

A full day complete with an overnight.


Social Rate — 600 for 2 hrs. (+250 for each additional hour)

Travel Rates

24 hrs. — 5,000

48 hrs. — 8,000

72 hrs. — 11,000

1 week — 17,000

Each additional day — 2,000