Nadine de Valle


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Screening Requirements

In order to book an appointment, I require recent references from two independent companions who can vouch for your safety.

Please include the names, websites, and email addresses of two companions you have seen within the past year in the screening application.

Alternatively, your P411 Client ID will also be accepted.

If this would be your first time seeing a companion or you do not have any references from the past year, a photo of your government-issued photo ID may also meet my screening requirements. You can send this, along with a brief introduction, to my email address —

Cancellation Policy

Life can get hectic. I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and disrupt your schedule. Or perhaps you are simply anxious, fatigued, or not in the mood. I can sympathize with this. I ask that you return the sympathy as I invest a great deal of time preparing for dates and may forfeit other paid opportunities.

As such, I kindly ask that you provide a 40% cancellation fee if you are unable to provide at least 48-hours notice of a cancellation.

I recommend at least one weeks notice for new suitors and at least 24 hours for regulars.

Booking Appointments


I offer an experience that develops naturally and is mutually enjoyable. If you reach out to me in the hopes of simply ticking off a box or two, we may not be compatible.


During the brief time I have been a professional companion, I have amassed an extensive number of positive reviews on industry-related forums. My current policy only permits for short, respectful reviews which primarily serve to answer whether you would see me again, or recommend me to others.

Touring & Travel

I have no upcoming tours or travel plans in the foreseeable future.

Please note that I do not offer Fly-Me-To-You’s to the United States.


Despite being open to seeing people of all genders, races, and ethnicities, I would prefer to only spend time with those who are over the age of 35.

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